Challenger Tomahawk Is A Sweet Name For Dodge's Next EV Muscle Car

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We think we found the name of the Dodge's next EV.

Ever since the Dodge Viper bowed out of production in 2017, American car enthusiasts have begged for some sort of successor. Though it's unclear if the Viper name will ever be brought back from the dead, Dodge obviously still has plans to build performance cars, including an all-electric Challenger muscle car. According to a recent trademark filing uncovered by CarBuzz, the Challenger may not be Dodge's only performance flagship for much longer.

FCA US (a part of the larger Stellantis Group) filed for the name "Tomahawk" on June 23, 2022, with the USPTO. This name was first used on a four-wheeled motorcycle concept with a Viper V10, but the trademark is expressly intended to "cover the categories of land vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles."

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Dodge last used the Tomahawk name in 2015 for a 2,590-horsepower concept vehicle in the Gran Turismo 6 video game (pictured below). This version of the Tomahawk packed a Viper V10 but added a "quad-stage pneumatic power unit" to deliver compressed air that could drive the front wheels. But since this car came out seven years ago prior to any of Dodge's electrification announcements, we seriously doubt it will use any internal combustion engine.

The new trademark filing lines up with a previous announcement stating Dodge would reveal three new muscle cars at the Speed Week between August 12 and August 20 of this year.

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The three cars, revealed over consecutive days will cater to present muscle cars, gateway muscle cars, and future muscle cars - the latter confirmed to be electric.

One will be a final hurrah for solo combustion, the gateway model a plug-in hybrid muscle car, and the third we expect to be the Challenger EV. Which one of those could be called the Tomahawk is anyone's guess. We suspect the Tomahawk name will be used for some kind of electric or hybrid machine, with the latter possibly pairing the legendary Hellcat V8 with multiple electric motors.

It's also possible that Dodge will drop the Hellcat moniker when it switches to electric vehicles, instead opting for Tomahawk. If that's the case, the Dodge Challenger Tomahawk is a pretty sweet handle for an EV muscle car of this caliber.

Of course, we could be way off base and FCA actually plans to use Tomahawk as a trim name for a Jeep product (Trailhawk, Trackhawk, etc.). Either way, we'll find out soon enough.

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