Dodge Charger Cop Cars Head To Australia

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They're currently running Kia Stingers.

The Dodge Charger has played a massive role in the American motoring culture: it has starred in Hollywood movies and kept our streets safe as a police patrol car. In the US, the Charger is still a popular purchase, in fact, it's so popular (and easy to pinch) that over a thousand of them were stolen in Detroit alone.

It would seem that the Dodge Charger was born to fight crime, and now Australia is looking to this American legend to help bust perps on the streets of Queensland and beyond. Two Dodge Charger Pursuit cars recently landed in Queensland Australia, but are missing something rather important: a steering wheel and pedals on the right side of the car.

Dodge Dodge Dodge Dodge

By right side, we obviously mean the left side. These two Chargers have been converted to right-hand drive by SCD Remanufactured, and are ready to take down some scum. The Charger Pursuit is originally built by Dodge in Ontario, Canada, and is fitted with hardened steel wheels, an upgraded braking system, and special interior features.

The Charger Pursuit gets exterior additions such as an integrated LED bar in the front bumper and a tough-looking bull bar for conducting pit maneuvers and just bashing stuff in general. The Charger can be configured in RWD or AWD and is offered with a V6 or V8 gas engine. The more powerful 5.7-liter Hemi V8 produces close to 370 horsepower.

Dodge Dodge Dodge

Both Australian cars are powered by the 300-hp V6 engine and feature built-in light bars and bulletproof doors and windows. According to SCD Remanufactured co-owner Eddie Kocwa, each of these converted cop caps costs around $100,000, but with so many configurations on offer, prices can vary greatly. Currently, the Australian Police Force is making use of the Kia Stinger as a highway patrol car, and even runs a fleet of Toyota Prius hybrids for more leisurely duties. Come on Australia, no one's going to pull over for a Prius. A Charger on the other hand...

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