Dodge Charger Smashes Open Road World Record

Jim Peruto clocked an average speed of over 217mph along a 90-mile stretch of highway.

Taking a high-performance car to warp speed on a public highway and maintaining that speed for a length of time requires balls of steel and complete confidence in the car, even when you know there's no chance of jail time. Nevada's Silver State Classic Challenge gives seasoned pros and qualified racers the chance to attempt such an insane feat, whilst also giving them the opportunity to break records for the world's fastest road race, and the world's fastest speed on a public highway.

At 207mph, the Guinness World Record for the Nevada Open Road Challenge had stood since 2000, but on 20 May 2012 these records were demolished by Jim Peruto and his modified NASCAR 2006 Dodge Charger, clocking an average speed of 217.56mph over 90 miles of highway in the Silver State classic and hitting a top speed of 244mph.

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