Dodge Charger Trunk Accidentally Used As Firework Launching Pad


Hell of a way to celebrate the New Year.

There’s a reason why many states have outlawed the use of fireworks without a permit. It’s not so difficult to accidentally lose a hand if a rocket detonates prematurely. But according to Click2Houston, fireworks can easily explode in the trunk of a car when someone tosses in a lit firecracker. It happened a few nights ago during a New Year’s Eve celebration in Houston, Texas, not long after midnight. Eyewitnesses claim the lit firecracker was an accident and that no one was hurt.

"When I saw it, I was like, 'Man I can't believe this is actually happening,'" said one eyewitness. "There's people, like everybody crowded around, screaming, like, 'Oh my God.' They're recording on their phones and stuff." As you’ll see in the video, someone did try and close the car’s trunk to extinguish the flames, but it didn’t work out so well.

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"They had closed it for a couple of seconds to like, kill the fire. But as soon as they opened it up, a couple of seconds later, more fireworks started popping and popping off and going everywhere," said the same eyewitness. Clearly exploding fireworks damaged the Charger, and there’s a chance the owner’s insurance policy may actually cover the costs. However, investigators may somehow prove someone purposely tossed in the firecracker. If so, well, the owner may be out of luck because keeping fireworks in the truck of your car isn' the best idea. But great New Year’s Eve show, bro. Great show.