Dodge Comes To SEMA 2022 With Updated Charger Daytona SRT Concept To Show Electric Muscle Cars Can Be Fun

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The electric muscle car concept sports a new paint job and more details on power options.

Dodge is coming to SEMA 2022 with some hugely exciting projects and announcements. We've already seen what Mopar has to offer, but the automaker will excite showgoers with the updated Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept, an electric muscle car first seen in August.

Sporting a new paint job, the Charger Daytona looks menacing in Stryker Red, the vivid hue complemented by new 18-inch carbon fiber wheels wrapped up in 305 mm drag radials. On the side of the vehicle, SEMA attendees will note the "Stage 2" badging.

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Up to nine possible powertrain outputs will be made available. Essentially, three battery-electric power levels will be offered. Each power level can be specified with Dodge Direct Connection performance upgrades, providing would-be customers with plenty of choices.

The base model, for example, utilizes a 400-volt system with 455 horsepower. This can be pushed up to 495 hp (eStage 1) or 535 hp (eStage 2). The mid-spec derivative (also underpinned by the 400V output architecture) receives 590 horses in base spec. Upgrading to eStage 1 or eStage 2 boosts power to 630 hp and 670 hp, respectively.

Should that still not be enough for your needs, Dodge has said outputs and performance upgrades for the 800V Banshee will be announced shortly.

These extra power levels are unlocked via a crystal that is inserted into the dashboard, similar to how the full potential of a Bugatti Chiron is unlocked through a speed key.

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Attendees will be able to explore the SRT Concept's various exterior colors, albeit digitally, via a video display setup. This will also enable Dodge fans to envision their desired spec, by selecting the wheel design and performance configuration.

What's more, the company will conduct consumer clinics, to survey opinions and expressions with regard to the Fratzonic Exhaust system. Participants will be invited to rank the various tuning versions of the exhaust note and give Dodge a greater idea of what direction it should go in.

"The SEMA Show is one of the great gatherings of the performance culture, and Dodge isn't going to shy away as we develop the next generation of muscle car - one that just happens to be fully electric...we're demonstrating how old-school hot-rodding will thrive in an electrified muscle-car future," said Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis.

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With the V8-powered Charger and Challenger bowing out after 2023, Dodge is trying to show enthusiasts that electric power can be exciting. The Charger Daytona SRT Concept is the culmination of these efforts and, while it's missing the growl of a traditional big-block motor, there's plenty to get excited about.

The retro-styled concept is quite the opinion-splitter, but there's no denying the classic styling has plenty of charm. What's more, the interior has brought Dodge into the modern era, as the existing lineup has been plagued with outdated cabins for some time.

And while it's handsome and should prove capable in a straight line, a muscle car is about drama and, importantly, noise. While the Fratzog system is a step in the right direction, it hasn't impressed everybody. Hopefully, the SEMA 2022 show will unearth some much-needed feedback.

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