Dodge Dart Becomes Fiat Hatchback in China

This time we're actually jealous of a Chinese-made car.

Typically speaking, Chinese-built cars aren’t exactly the world’s standard when it comes to build quality and design originality. Perhaps that’s why Chinese brands can’t seem to break into other markets other than, well, China. Only now comes along the Fiat Ottimo, a Chinese-built hatchback version of the Fiat Viaggio, itself a Fiat-badged Dodge Dart. It was just revealed at the Guangzhou Motor Show and will go on sale in China next year. And we’re actually a bit jealous because the Dodge Dart looks good as a five-door hatch.

Even its front-end and taillight styling is all-new and unique to the Ottimo. Fiat hasn’t announced what exactly will be under the hood, but the Dart’s turbocharged inline-four is a likely possibility, an engine it also shares with the Viaggio. Will Fiat/Dodge ever decide to build the Dart as a hatchback too? Chances are slim, to say the least, but something like this would be a very worthy competitor to the likes of the VW Golf and Mazda3 hatch. Just sayin'.

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