Dodge Dart Goes on Patrol for Turkey Day

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While the Dodge Dart likely won't see active police duty anytime soon, it's being used in its hometown for philanthropic purposes this Thanksgiving.

One might not associate the new Dodge Dart with active police duty; that task has been assigned to the larger, rear-wheel-drive Charger Pursuit. But Chrysler still wants its all-new compact sedan to help serve the community this Thanksgiving in some fashion. This Dart, built at the Belvidere Assembly Plant, has been given a unique paint job complete with an overhead light bar and Belvidere Police Department graphics on its flanks, all for one assignment.

It will act as an escort as a procession of Chrysler vehicles packed with food makes its way to the Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry in Illinois. The annual food drive is done in partnership with Chrysler and the local UAW, with more than 1,500 frozen turkeys making their way to needy families this Thursday. After completing its turkey-day task, the one-off Dart police car will be used by the police for non-patrol tasks and other ceremonial purposes. However, the Belvidere Police Department will still provide Chrysler feedback on the car to determine whether the Dodge Dart could potentially be used for other police departments in the US and overseas.

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