Dodge Dealers Figure Out A Shady New Way To Markup The Demon


Nothing like taking advantage of anxious buyers.

Although Dodge made a sincere, good hearted attempt to create a policy that would prevent excessive dealership markups for its much sought after Demon, some dealerships have still figured out a loophole. Automotive News reports that some dealers are "using intermediaries on eBay to auction off the right to buy one of their Demon allocations." When some buyers are willing to fork over anywhere from $10,000 to $70,000 over sticker price to have one of the 3,000 Demons set for the US (300 for Canada), these dealers simply couldn’t help themselves.

Dealers in South Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana have been reported to be partaking in this eBay sales method. Last week, the minimum bid was $10,000 to $22,500 over sticker. The eBay sellers themselves, supposedly, only have an "outside relationship" with the particular dealership whose allocation they’re selling, and of course there’s something monetary in it for them once the sale is complete. Dodge management is apparently fully aware of what’s happening and is "monitoring" the situation, but there’s sadly very little it can do to stop what’s happening. Fortunately, some Dodge dealers, such as one in Traverse City, Michigan, are taking advantage of their Demon allocation for charitable purposes.

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This dealer’s Demon will be sold for $1 under sticker price, but the right to buy it will be auctioned off among the dealer’s longtime loyal customers, with all profits set to be donated to four local charities. If anyone reading this is currently shopping for a Dodge Demon and has a dealership story, good or not so good, to tell, please get in contact with us.