Dodge Demon Buyers Must Sign A Waiver When Ordering

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Dodge wants you to be aware that anyone who drives the Demon does so at their own risk.

By now, you're probably aware that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a muscle car like no other. Powered by a monstrous 840-hp engine, not only is it the fastest production car in the world capable of hitting 0-62 mph time in 2.3 seconds, it's essentially a street-legal drag racer thanks to its factory-fitted drag radial tires. And it can be yours for an MSRP of just $84,995. There's a catch, however – driving a car on the street with tires designed for dominating drag strips has its restrictions.


Jalopnik managed to uncover the three-page legal document Demon buyers are required to sign at the dealership. It starts with a reminder that the Demon is the auto industry's "first and only purpose-built street-legal production car," so you know what you're in for. While they're technically road legal, the Nitto NT05R drag radial tires aren't suitable for the highway "as the expected miles of wear from the racing compound is greatly reduced." If it rains on your way home from collecting your Demon, you're also out of luck because the drag tires "are not recommended for driving in wet weather conditions." And if that wasn't already restrictive, you also can't drive the Demon in cold conditions.

In temperatures below 15 degrees, "the Drag Tires can lose flexibility and that may lead to cracking and other tire damage." As common sense should dictate, Dodge advises against trying to cram passengers into the Demon if you don't have a passenger seat installed. You're not allowed to install one yourself either, "because the passenger will not be properly protected." There's even a condition acknowledging that you understand you're on the high priority list if you buy your Demon at or below MSRP from the dealer - a smart move on Dodge's part to prevent dealers from selling the Demon at ridiculously high mark ups.

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Another condition requires you to have "full responsibility and shall assume all risks related to the use of the features and applications in the Vehicle and shall only use the features and applications when it is safe to do so. Failure to do so may result in an accident involving serious injury or death." It may sound overly dramatic but the Demon takes no prisoners, so you can't blame Dodge for wanting to protect itself from being sued when someone inevitably underestimates its brutality. This manic muscle car isn't for the faint-hearted.

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