Dodge Demon Crate Makes For The Best Car-Enthusiast Unboxing Video


Hennessey Performance shows us what it's like to open the Demon Crate.

The 2018 Dodge Demon made a ton of headlines when it was revealed last year. Its 840 horsepower engine and 2.3-second 0-60 time were among the biggest headlines, but there were plenty of other small, noteworthy quirks. For instance, the Demon only comes with one seat, but customers can add front passenger and rear seats for just $1 each. The Demon Crate, for those who want to take full advantage of the car's performance, is also a $1 option and includes a ton of tools and parts to transform the car into a drag monster.

We've seen the tools and parts that come in the crate, but Hennessey Performance just took delivery of a Demon and decided to film an unboxing video with the highly unique crate. This might be the greatest automotive-themed unboxing video ever filmed.

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The crate has the owner's name as well as the serial number of the car on a nice plaque. Once opened, the crate is very well organized with the skinny front tires, jack stand, and tools to change out the tires. We have no doubt that when Demons start crossing auction blocks in 25 years, having this crate will help increase the car's value. For now, the Demon Crate is an awesome option to help make the Demon even more badass.