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Dodge Demon Owners Who Don’t Want To Crash Need To Read This

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Hint: the issue at hand involves cruise control.

There are all sorts of recalls out there, some more serious than others. But when the issue at hand involves the possibility the cruise control system won't disengage, the recall needs to be taken seriously. That's why, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), FCA has issued a recall for around 1,900 2014-2016 model year Chrysler 300s, Dodge Challengers, and Dodge Chargers – including 2018 model year Challenger SRT Demons – because of a defect that could potentially prevent the cruise control system from turning off.

Does anyone really want to crash at highway speed into another car, truck, or anything else potentially life-threatening? Didn't think so. The specific problem has been traced to a short circuit within the vehicles' powertrain control module wiring, resulting in the chance the driver may be unable to shut off cruise control either by depressing the brake pedal or manually turning the system off. The result, obviously, would be the vehicle maintaining its current speed or possibly even accelerating.

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The fix is very simple: dealers will replace the PCM for free or perform a software update. While we assume most Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger and Challenger owners will want to the full ability to, you know, stop, some Demon owners might, just might, like the idea of even more potential acceleration at the track. But again, the ability to come to a complete stop whenever the driver decides is vital – even when there's 840 hp on tap.