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Dodge Challenger Demon Time-Lapse Rebuild Is Awesome

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Watch as this 840-hp monster gets built one bolt at a time.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is the ultimate antidote to the modern trend of downsized, turbocharged and somewhat soulless sports cars. The monster muscle car employs a relatively uncomplicated 6.2-liter Hemi V8 that uses a massive 2.7-liter supercharger (the largest ever fitted to a production car) to make its headline 840 horsepower output.

Hagerty, the company specializing in classic car insurance, has just published a time-lapse rebuild of this impressive motor on Redline Rebuilds and it is fascinating to see it put together one part at a time.

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For those of our readers who would like some more in-depth information about the engine and the rebuild, it is well worth watching the longer video below as Hagerty's mechanic, Davin Reckow, explains the intricacies of the build.

An interesting point he mentions is that the base block used in the Demon is the same as the one you would find in less potent Chargers and Challengers, meaning that they should stand up well to aftermarket mods. In fact, Davin reckons that the main difference between the 707-hp Hellcat and the 840-hp Demon is the size of the supercharger.

The Demon may share some of its basic architecture with its lesser-powered stablemates, but it has still been engineered to withstand the massive heat and forces that it has to deal with and features forged pistons and a strengthened crank.

It also has twin spark plugs per cylinder, variable valve timing and direct port injection so it is not quite as low-tech as you might think. Once the hundreds of parts have been correctly put together the car is unleashed on the road with a suitable amount of wheelspin and sideways sliding. So much so that the tires had to be replaced once the filming was done. Perfect.