Dodge Doesn't Approve Of Australia's Charger Cop Cars

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This could lead to big problems.

The Dodge Charger is an ideal cop car. It's also one hell of a muscle car when equipped with any of the V8 options. The rear-wheel-drive full-size sedan is not something you want chasing you when there's a police officer behind the wheel. SCD Remanufactured Vehicles, a Queensland, Australia-based private company, is fully aware of this, hence the reason why it privately imported a pair of Chargers for law enforcement purposes. Both require significant modifications; the steering wheel and pedals need to be moved from the left to the right side. But here's the thing: Dodge itself wants no part of the project and was never involved in the import process.

CarAdvice reports that both Dodge's parent company, Stellantis, and FCA Australia have distanced themselves from the import company.

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"Stellantis and FCA Australia do not have any direct business or legal affiliation or relationship with SCD Remanufactured Vehicles or any of its affiliates. These entities are not authorized importers of Stellantis branded vehicles, including the Dodge Charger or Ram Truck," the carmaker said in an official statement. "As such, Stellantis and FCA Australia cannot guarantee or endorse that the conversion processes employed by SCD, its affiliates, and other non-factory approved, third party importers comply with rigorous quality and safety requirements established by our internal processes and requirements of our company."

Equally troubling for the Australian police department that might buy one or both vehicles is that they will not be in "regulatory compliance for recall and safety obligations."

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It sounds like the whole private project is more trouble than it's worth. The import company says it wants to get "full volume compliance" for the cars but not if the OEM isn't onboard. Converting the cars to right-hand-drive without the carmaker's endorsement isn't always apparent to customers who could be led to believe otherwise.

Holden Specialty Vehicles previously imported Camaros for right-hand-drive re-engineering with full OEM approval and a healthy budget for doing so. But SCD is determined to meet all requirements while still preserving the advanced built-in law enforcement equipment. It also claims the country's compliance system is "old-school" and is currently being changed to allow exemptions. Even if this is unsuccessful, the company is determined to "do whatever is required" to get these Charger Pursuits on the road.

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