Dodge Fratzog For EV Future, $100,000 Corvette Z06, Ram Rampage Out For Maverick Blood: Cold Start

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Welcome to Cold Start, your morning wrap-up of the most important news stories of the last 24 hours, or on Mondays like today, the weekend. After Hyundai dropped bombs last week with a bevy of new concepts, we thought we'd be in for a quiet weekend but were faced with anything but. Aston Martin was bailed out financially for the umpteenth time with new investors and BMW has tried to quell the fury of its buyers over subscription services in America, but those weren't the most exciting developments.

Patents discovered by CarBuzz have revealed Dodge is bringing back the Fratzog logo for its electric future, while on the combustion front, the Ram could be ready to fight the Ford Maverick with a new truck called the Rampage. Cross-town rivals, Chevrolet, revealed six-figure pricing for the Corvette Z06, while tuners have turned the Ford Explorer Police Interceptor into criminals' worst nightmare. Porsche, being Porsche, has reinvented the piston. Let's fire up those engines and get you up to speed for the week ahead.


Dodge’s Iconic Fratzog Making A Comeback

When Dodge teased an electric future last year, eagle-eyed gearheads spotted a strange tri-pointed logo that many correctly identified as the Fratzog used by Dodge from 1962-1976. While we suspected it would make a comeback, trademark filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have confirmed the registration of the logo itself and its made-up name. Get used to seeing the Fratzog, as it's likely to make a full debut this August during the Dodge Speed Week, where the brand will reveal three vehicles over consecutive days covering current muscle cars, gateway muscle cars, and future muscle cars - i.e. combustion, hybrid, and electric.

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Chevy Corvette Z06 Coming With Six-Figure Price Tag

Eight generations in, the Corvette finally went mid-engined. But the model we're all excited about is the Z06, courtesy of its 670-horsepower flat-plane crank, naturally aspirated, 5.5-liter V8. With that much power and the ability to rival the finest European supercars on track, America held its breath as we waited to find out how much it would cost, a question that has now been answered with a base price of $106,395 in base Coupe 1LT trim. Before options, the Z06 will cost as much as $127,245, meaning it's not the pretty blue-collar hero it once was. Demand will undoubtedly outstrip supply, and price gougers could ruin the party pretty quickly, but price-to-performance suggests the Z06 is a mega bargain.

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Ram Rampage Ready To Ruin Ford Maverick’s Fun

FCA, now Stellantis, loves a good design competition and has been hosting them for several years, asking the public to submit their vehicle designs in a given category and possibly shape the future of the brand they love. But this year, Ralph Gilles, head of design at Stellantis, showcased a sketch for a compact ute-styled truck called the Rampage whilst announcing this year's Sketch Battle. What a coincidence then that around the same time, Stellantis started trademarking the Rampage name in Mexico and other countries - a name that has been speculated over for the last five years as a revival of the ute-style pickup that fought the Ranchero and El Camino as far back as the 80s. With Dodge committed to the muscle car, even when it goes electric, the Rampage could make a vital addition to the Ram family as a rival to the Ford Maverick with a muscle car twist. Its name is even geared perfectly for electrification (ampage).

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Steeda Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Looks Mean

The Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is kitted out as one of the most comprehensive crime-fighting tools of the modern era, but that hasn't stopped Steeda from getting its hands on one and making it even better suited for the task. Whether you're chasing crims on- or off-road, the Steeda Explorer Police Interceptor is ready, tuned to produce more than 400 hp from its EcoBoost V6 engine and uprated suspension that provides handling akin to a Mustang thanks to adjustable sway bars and other upgrades. Cops can even spec lowering springs for flatter cornering, and they look badass thanks to Velgen VF5 wheels.

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Porsche Reinvents The Piston

Porsche is one of a few brands committed to keeping combustion alive through synthetic fuels. CarBuzz uncovered patents for a new piston design from the sports car maker that will make combustion better than ever using a cool wheel-like design in the head of the piston. Not only does it look appealing, but the design will have multiple benefits, including making the pistons lighter, thereby reducing inertia, and improving cooling inside the combustion chamber to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance. The type of fuel we use isn't the only thing to focus on in keeping internal combustion alive, and Porche clearly knows this.

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