Dodge Has Figured Out How To Solve Its Hellcat Problem

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Oh, thank heaven!

The simple fact is this: Dodge was thrown off guard by the huge demand for its 707 horsepower Challenger and Charger. Figuring the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 would appeal to a fairly limited audience, Dodge suddenly had the coolest and two of the most sought after new cars in the US. Certainly not a bad position to be in, but there was soon a problem: not enough Hellcat engines were being built, largely due to supplier issues. That's all about to end.


In a new report coming from Automotive News, the head of the Dodge and SRT brands, Tim Kuniskis, has confirmed additional Hellcat V8 production. So far this year alone, around 4,000 engines have been built, but Kuniskis didn't reveal how many more are planned. "We're going to build more (Hellcats) for 2016," stated Kuniskis. "We stopped taking all Hellcat orders months ago so that we could catch up to that demand, and then we will launch the 2016s." At the moment Dodge is still working to fill existing orders. In fact, Hellcat production had already been increased twice before and that still wasn't enough. The next highest- selling Dodge muscle car, the Scat Pack Challenger, is also completely sold out.

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