Dodge Is Reviving A Famous Nameplate But Not One You Want

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And we pretty much guarantee it isn't the one you wanted.

Fiat has announced that Dodge's Mexico division will soon get its own version of the Tipo sedan. We recently mentioned the Tipo as one of the cars we think would sell well here in the US (as a Fiat). Dodge will be re-badging the car with a nameplate from its heritage. Which one? That's right, the Neon is making a comeback! It has been over a decade since the Neon was built and we have to say we don't miss it at all. OK, that was a bit harsh, but seriously, the Neon was a pretty dangerous car.

If you don't believe us, here is some footage of how the Neon fared in an IIHS crash test.


FCA has given no indication that the Tipo will be sold in the US as a Fiat or as a Dodge. This is not uncommon for Dodge's Mexican division which already sells a small pickup truck called the 700 which is a re-badged Fiat Strada. Like the 700, the Neon will be for Mexico only. The Neon will get a new Dodge-specific front-end, but visual updates are likely to be minor. The Neon will replace the Fiat Sienna-based Vision, and the Dart. In Europe, the Tipo is sold with gas and diesel engines ranging from 95 to 120 horsepower. The diesel engines probably won't be sold in Mexico. Some people really liked the Neon, especially the bonkers SRT-4. We probably won't see the Neon return to the US, but the Tipo is getting much closer to our shores.

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