Dodge Journey Could Return With More Muscle

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A stylish SUV with Italian DNA.

After 12 years in production, the 2020 Dodge Journey will finally be put to pasture. Dodge recently announced that it will discontinue the Journey with no immediate plans for a replacement. Despite a recent decline, the Journey was a massive success for Dodge, racking up over 900,000 sales over its lifetime and selling over 100,000 units in both 2015 and 2016 despite being nearly a decade old by that point.

With a four-speed automatic transmission that dated back to 1989, it was clearly time for the Journey to be retired. Yet rumors have already emerged that the Journey could return in 2022 with a completely new platform, styling, and engine options. If the Journey does come back, we hope it looks like this rendering from Kleber Silva.

KDesign AG
KDesign AG

The rumors predict that the next-generation Journey will be based on the rear-wheel-drive Giorgio architecture that already underpins the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. If true, this means the Journey's replacement (if it still uses the Journey name) should feature greatly improved driving dynamics and a sportier shape. This rendering, which uses the Stelvio as a base, shows what an updated Journey could look like.

It takes the basic shape of the Stelvio and grafts on classic Dodge styling elements such as Charger-inspired headlights, Durango-inspired taillights, a satin black roof, and Hellcat wheels. The result is a muscular crossover to sit below the Durango that more closely aligns with the rest of Dodge's power-obsessed lineup.

2014-2019 Dodge Journey Front Three-Quarter Right Side View Dodge
2014-2019 Dodge Journey Rear Angle in Motion Dodge
2014-2019 Dodge Journey Dashboard Layout Dodge

With new RWD underpinnings, this new Journey could be powered by much more potent engine options than the outgoing model's 173-horsepower four-cylinder or 235-hp V6. The Stelvio uses either a turbocharged four-cylinder producing 280 hp or a twin-turbo V6 producing 505 hp but we'd like to see the Journey make use of Dodge's HEMI V8.

We will have to wait for the official word from Dodge on the Journey's replacement. The company's recent partnership with the French PSA Group could throw our hopes for a new HEMI-powered crossover into doubt.

2014-2020 Dodge Journey Front View Dodge
2014-2020 Dodge Journey Rear View Driving Dodge
Source Credits: Kleber Silva

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2014-2019 Dodge Journey Front Three-Quarter Right Side View
2014-2019 Dodge Journey Rear Angle in Motion
2014-2019 Dodge Journey Dashboard Layout

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