Dodge Last Call Teaser Features A Creepy Leprechaun

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The big reveal will take place on March 20.

We're getting closer to the final Dodge Challenger and Charger "Last Call" special edition reveal, and the automaker is milking it to the last with another trailer. This time, rather than the horror movie evoking creepy face of the last teaser, this one features a leprechaun because, well, we're not sure.

The previous one seemed to be a clue that the last special edition model might be a Demon Redeye, but the leprechaun has thrown us. He does have red eyes, and the reveal is set for March 20, which is close to St Patrick's day, but still. More interesting is that the leprechaun hooks up an IV full of what looks like liquid gold, and, in the description, Dodge asks: "What's coursing through our veins?"


To us, it sounds like the final Last Call edition will run on higher-octane fuel for more horsepower, so we might be finally seeing that 909 horsepower version of the legendary 6.2-liter supercharged Hellcat V8. It would make sense that after the 707 hp it made in 2015, followed by 808 hp in the 2018 Demon, the Last Call would be 909 hp and bridge the gap to the 1,000 Hellephant crate engine.

There could also be a gold theme to the car, but Challengers and Chargers don't tend to be ostentatious in a blingy way.


The ability to run on the ethanol-based E85 race fuel would also explain the Jekyll and Hyde transformation theme, including the "Run And Hyde" title.

This is the first of four teasers promised leading up to the final Last Call model's debut at the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas event on March 20. Tickets for the event start at $25 and are $60 if you want to display your own car. If you can't make the event in person, then you can Livestream it via multiple online channels.


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