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Dodge Needs to Get Its Act Together - Fast

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Because we'd really hate to see it go the way of Plymouth.

At the moment, only four Dodge models are relevant in their respective segments: Charger, Dart, and Durango. No, we didn't forget the Challenger (which we happen to love), but that's more of a niche model that Dodge can't rely on to bring in serious bank. The Journey? Why even bother when there are far better and newer choices out there. The Avenger? Let's not even go there. And the Caravan? Quickly becoming irrelevant.

So of the six models in the current lineup, just three are competitive. And that's not good for Dodge. This begs the question as to why Chrysler is even keeping the Dodge brand running. The answer is because Dodge still has name equity and history. Unfortunately, those factors will only last so long. The Dart is a great start for a turnaround, but Dodge is in desperate need for relevant and competitive models. The Durango is great, but then again it competes with its Grand Cherokee cousin. As cool as the Charger is, its styling isn't for everyone; there's always the Chrysler 300. How can Dodge fix itself? It's a question Dodge is also having a hard time answering.

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