Dodge Owners Mocked At Cars & Coffee Event In Hilarious Prank


Attendees at a Cars & Coffee event found a creative way to make fun of Dodge owners.

There's a peculiar trend going on in the Mopar community. To protect the front splitters of the Dodge Challenger and Charger SRT during delivery, Dodge attaches yellow plastic protectors to the front of the muscle cars.

Despite not being part of the original design, many owners deliberately leave them on, even though they are supposed to be removed by the dealer prior to delivery. It may be a harmless fad, but Dodge SRT isn't very happy about the situation. Last October, Mark Trostle, SRT's Head Of Design, had some harsh words for owners who deliberately leave the splitter guards on.

Alan B Antill Jr / Facebook Alan B Antill Jr / Facebook

"This is the final word: When we did the sketch for the Charger and Challenger, it never had yellow strips on it," he said, adding that leaving the splitter guards on is ruining the paint. To try and stop this fad, Dodge recently announced the splitter guards will be painted in pink instead of yellow. This is bound to rile owners who insist on leaving them on.

Ultimately, Dodge owners should be able to do what they like with the car that they've bought, but this didn't stop owners at a recent Cars & Coffee meetup from making fun of the trend in a hilarious way.

Alan B Antill Jr / Facebook Dodge

Photos shared on a Facebook car page taken from a recent Cars & Coffee event in Charlotte, North Carolina, show a row of muscle cars with yellow pool noodles attached to the splitters as a way of poking fun at Dodge owners that leave the splitter guards on.

One of the cars happens to be a Dodge Charger, so even Dodge owners can see the funny side of the strange trend. A Ford Mustang and a Subaru WRX STI were also given the pool noodle treatment, which looks hilariously out of place. As pranks go, this gets full marks for execution and ingenuity. Next time they will need to bring some pink pool noodles.

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