Dodge Recalls 2015 Challenger Because of Instrument Panel Freak Out

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At least this hasn't killed anyone yet. Possibly a few speeding tickets though.

We're used to automotive recalls by now. They've literally become standard operating procedure. Well, in the past year at least. Anyway, here's another one that will likely get some peoples' attention. Dodge has just announced a recall for 11,688 2015 Challengers. That's quite a number. The problem? Apparently the instrument panel's microprocessor is experiencing some voltage issues. Basically, there's a possibility of voltage overload which then temporarily disables the gauges and central display for several minutes.

The system is trying to reset itself but because of said voltage issue, it really only flashes while the anti-theft system light goes off. The system is massively confused by this point, and all the needles are left at zero. Chrysler claims the problem was initially discovered back in August and issued a software update in October. Dealers began applying the fix to affected cars last week. So if you're one of these affected owners who hasn't had the update done and you got pulled over for driving too fast, you could literally tell the cop you had no idea how fast you were going. You might even get away with it this time.


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