Dodge Reminds Us To Shake And Bake On Talladega Nights' 15th Birthday

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If you can do it in a Durango, that would be appreciated, says Dodge.

Will Farrell might be the most quotable movie star of the last 30 years. Old School was a major source between our friends, as was Wedding Crashers, though Farrell only played a bit part in that. But the most quotable movie in decades might be Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. For car fans, it's probably the most important comedy that was ever created.

Dodge is reminding us of the movie's 15th anniversary this week with a new commercial touting its old-but-wise Durango SUV. It features Gary Cole, reprising his role as Ricky's dad Reece Bobby, with a young Ricky and Cal Jr. in the back seat. All three eventually suit up into their Nascar uniforms, the same as in the movie.


The ad takes place in 1982, "if there were Durangos in 1982," it tells us. Reece is bringing the boys to school, but takes a detour saying, "the road is your classroom!" The Bobbys and Cal make a stop at a firework pop up store before Reece declares that "life takes 50% bravery and 60% stupidity." To which the boys say, "that don't make no sense."

The ad features a Dodge Durango R/T Blacktop Tow N Go (Granite with Dual Carbon Stripes). The video also includes the 2021 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack Widebody (Sinamon Stick) and the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody (White Knuckle with Satin Black hood). We're expectedly treated to a few bits of script at the bottom of the screen noting "professional driver, closed course" and all of that.


The current Durango is a road trip machine and has a full selection of engines and drive layouts. It can be had with a 293-hp V6, a 360-hp Hemi V8, a 475-hp Hemi V8 in the Scat Pack and finally the supercharged V8 Hellcat motor making 710 hp. Rear-wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is optional.

Here are a few more choice Reece Bobby quotes: "Take it from your daddy. Just because you grow up, doesn't mean you need to give up" and "The most powerful force in the universe is love. Ha, ha, ha, no, it's not! It's hot, nasty, badass speed!"

You said it, Reece.

2021-2022 Dodge Durango R/T Forward View Dodge
2021-2022 Dodge Durango R/T Rear Perspective Driving Dodge
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2021-2022 Dodge Durango R/T Forward View
2021-2022 Dodge Durango R/T Rear Perspective Driving
2021-2022 Dodge Durango R/T Front View Driving

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