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Dodge Shows Just How Fast its Challenger Hellcat Really Is

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...by having it race a 1971 Hemi-powered Challenger.

707 horsepower. Who would have ever thought that, just a few years ago, Dodge would be able to build such a thing called the Challenger SRT Hellcat? After all, Dodge and parent company Chrysler were on the brink of collapse at the time. Amazing how much changes in a few years. Coming to showrooms shortly, the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat is also a beautiful car inside and out. The interior has been updated and the exterior receives design cues from the iconic 1971 Challenger.

And, low and behold, Dodge has just brought these two Challengers together for a drag strip race. So how fast is the Challenger Hellcat at the quarter-mile? How does it do against its ancestor? Check out the video ahead to find out.

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