Dodge Shows Off AWD Challenger Ripping Apart The Alaskan Tundra

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It may not be doing anything for the ice caps, but to be fair Greenpeace can now get to the polar bears faster.

Those who grew up in warmer regions that never see snow will have a hard time understanding why on Earth anyone would want a muscle car with its power going to all four wheels. After all, muscle cars, especially one like the Dodge Challenger, are driven by those who embrace the lack of refinement and identify with it. A muscle car is supposed to be a car for the dying breed of real driver who doesn't like to have computers dictate how much fun they're allowed to have.

However, no matter how hardcore a driver you are, there is always a middle ground. Take this slightly funny, slightly horrifying scene from Montreal, Canada, as an example because sometimes, all the skill in the world won't do a thing to save a driver from bad road conditions.

That's why Dodge wanted to make it easier on those who live in these nether regions to hoon the crap out of snow. In this new commercial, Dodge rips through the Alaskan heartland in a blacked-out AWD Challenger, presumably in search of a perch where the driver and passengers can see Russia. The automaker promises that those in the motherland can hear the V6 heartbeat of this Challenger even though the two countries are 55 miles away (unless you count two islands, one Russian and one American, in the Bering Straight that are separated by 2.5 miles of seasonally frozen ocean). Any takers for a road trip from the US to Russia in said Challenger?

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