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Dodge SRT Viper Production is Up and Running Again

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But for how long? That's the question.

Believe it or not, the SRT Viper, no, sorry…the Dodge SRT Viper, has been out of production for the past two months. From mid-April until the last week of June, Chrysler stopped all Viper production due to slow sales. We've reported on this very issue back in March when it was first announced. During that off period, some 91 workers have been out of a job. Sadly enough, Chrysler really had no choice but to halt production in order to keep its finances in check.

When nobody buys a $100,000+ supercar, you just can't keep building them. Fortunately, Chrysler used this production break time to continue a campaign created by SRT brand chief, Ralph Gilles. This involves a special Viper marketing program which sees factory teams brought to dealers to personally explain the ins and outs of the car to prospective (and wealthy) buyers. Test drives are also done. Chrysler realized that some of its dealers didn't know how to properly market the Viper to that well-to-do crowd. Translation: they weren't used to catering to rich people. Has it been working? Well, just 354 Vipers have been sold through June this year in the US. In Canada, just 70 have found buyers during that time.

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