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Dodge Starts Shipping The 840-HP Challenger Demon To Dealerships

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The world will never be the same.

It has begun. Dodge has just announced that shipments of its highly coveted Challenger SRT Demon are now underway. All told, just 3,300 examples will be built (3,000 in the US, 300 in Canada) and all are certified by the National Hot Rod Association as the world's fastest quarter-mile production car. How fast? Try an elapsed time of 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. Zero to 60 mph happens in a mere 2.3 seconds. The Demon is also the first production car to achieve a front-wheel lift. It's 840-hp of awesomeness.

To celebrate the beginning of customer deliveries, Dodge has announced that each vehicle comes with a collectible leather-bound track tech manual written by the editors of Hot Rod magazine.

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For just $1, there's also the Demon Authentication Package (a must-have) that includes a carbon fiber Certicard, along with individual build sheets packaged in a sealed sleeve placed inside an archived portfolio. For another $695, owners can tack on a personalized satin stretch indoor custom car cover that matches the vehicle's paint scheme. And, of course, for just another $1, there's the Demon Crate, enabling owners to unleash the full potential of 840 ponies. Continuing with the dollar store pattern, for another $1 there's the rear-seat delete package, courtesy of Mopar because rear seats are a pain in the ass at the drag strip.

Other Mopar accessories include the Demon Street Tire Package, and Speedlogix offers a four-point harness bar. We've seen a few instances of Dodge dealerships charging ridiculous markups for the Demon, despite the automaker's best efforts to prevent this. Unfortunately, situations like that will happen when it involves a car as sought after as this.