Dodge Stealth Transformed Into Lambor Genie

A very professionally done job of installing way too much tasteless crap.

We’re perfectly willing to admit we don’t completely understand everything that’s being said in the following video, but we do understand that this man had the idea to transform his 1993 Dodge Stealth into a supercar. The word “Lamborghini” (or Lambor-genie, as she pronounces it) gets thrown around a lot, but aside from the doors, this doesn’t really look like a Lambo in any way. The worst part: the owner reportedly spent $70,000 on this thing.

Now, the car apparently has two engines (with one in the trunk, we assume) putting out a combined 1,000 horsepower, and presumably this is where most of that money went. In any case, it is very odd, yet somehow interesting.

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