Dodge Tells Luke Skywalker To Suck It With A Dark Side-Wrapped Viper And Hellcats

If this is what the Sith drive then we're bailing on Luke, too.

It’s official: Dodge stands with the dark side. The American automaker is promoting the latest Star Wars flick, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” with a trio of wrapped cars. The trio is made up of Dodge’s fiercest offerings: the Viper ACR, Charger SRT Hellcat and Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Hellcat twins sport identical wraps, with each one modeled after First Order Stormtrooper armor. The Viper ACR gets a special Kylo Ren wrap, aka the film’s lightsaber-wielding bad guy.

Yes, these cars are about 100 times cooler than the Stormtrooper Fiat 500e. The cars will be cruising around Los Angeles the weekend before the December 18 premier (Dec 11 to Dec 14) and will be stopping for pictures with fans. They can be tracked on Twitter using #Dodge and #TheForceAwakens. Although this trio is certainly badass we think there was a missed opportunity in leaving out the Dart. The affordable four-door could have been R2-D2! It's just as spirited as the plucky droid with its 184-horsepower four-cylinder engine and six-speed auto. We’re not sure if a traveling band of Jawas would sell a Dart for $16,995—the base price of the entry level SE—but we bet they could be persuaded to do so. (That was a Jedi mind trick joke.)

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