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Dodge To Reveal Mystery Charger Concept This Weekend

Scoop / 45 Comments

Could it be the Charger Widebody?

Last month, we caught wind of a rumor that Dodge intends to apply the widebody treatment to the Charger sedan, just like it did with the Challenger. We also happened to ask Dodge exterior design chief Mark Trostle about this at Detroit last January and he said this wouldn't be possible "Because the sheet metal is all different" between the two models. It wasn't the most convincing response.

However, a recent spy video published on Instagram appears to show a camouflaged Charger driving around the Detroit, Michigan area with what appears to be the widebody treatment.

We reached out to Dodge to ask where a Charger Hellcat Widebody was coming and a company spokesperson told us the following: "We are taking a Charger design concept to Spring Fest (this upcoming weekend) to gauge feedback from the huge Dodge Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 enthusiast base that attends the California event each year. Other than that, we don't have anything to announce."

The Spring Festival of Lx, which kicks off this Saturday, March 23 in Pomona, California, would be the ideal venue for a Charger widebody debut. Better yet, a Charger Hellcat widebody. As the spokesperson made clear, the automaker wants customer feedback on a design concept that could very will be a widebody Charger. If we're right and you want to make sure it arrives in showrooms, then you'd better head to Spring Fest this weekend and make your voices heard.

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Many senior Dodge/FCA executives have attended past Spring Fests, including Mark Trostle, Ralph Gilles, and former Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis. Last year, FCA Design had its first-ever "Color Clinic" where Black Eye was chosen as the winning paint color that is now in production for the Limited Edition 1320 Dodge Challenger. Your opinions matter. Dodge executives are there to listen. We predict this mystery Charger concept is a widebody. Make it happen, folks.