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Dodge Hellephant Crate Motor Revealed With 1,000 Horsepower

SEMA 2018 / 18 Comments

Move over Hellcrate, the Hellephant is here to kick some ass.

At last year's SEMA Auto Show, FCA revealed the Hellcrate, a 707-horsepower supercharged crate engine to stick in all of your project cars. This already sounded like the perfect engine swap solution, but FCA often likes to outdo itself. The company was rumored to be working on a massive 7.0-liter V8 internally known as the Banshee to be used in trucks and SUVs.

While it may not be in a production model, FCA has indeed shown off its 426 cubic-inch (7.0-liter) HEMI V8 at the 2018 SEMA Auto Show. It's called the Hellephant 426 Mopar Crate HEMI engine, and it packs a whopping 1,000 hp and 950 lb-ft of torque.

Mopar says this is the first 1,000-hp crate motor to ever be offered by an OEM. Like the Hellcrate, the Hellephant has been designed to be easy-to-install as a plug-and-play. In order to show off this marvel of any engine, Mopar has stuffed it inside the 1968 Dodge "Super Charger" Concept, to show how well it can increase the performance of a vintage car.

The Concept funnels air to the engine through a Demon-inspired hood scoop, made from a fiberglass construction. The Charger's pop-up headlights have been modified to hide the Hellcat's modern headlamps and the interior features various parts from the Hellcat, Demon, and Viper.

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"Our enthusiasts crave power and performance and our new 'Hellephant' Mopar Crate HEMI engine and kit deliver huge horsepower and torque in a plug-and-play package that is unique in the industry," said Steve Beahm, Head of Parts & Service for Mopar and Passenger Car Brands, FCA North America. "The 1968 Dodge Charger is one of the hottest classic cars, which is why we decided to use it as a starting point for the 'Super Charger' Concept. It's an amazing vehicle and a great showcase for our 'Hellephant' engine."

The Hellephant gains its massive power figure thanks to 4.0 inches of stroke and bore specs at 4.125 inches. The supercharger has been fitted with a high-efficiency rotor on an all-aluminum block to keep the engine as light as possible. Mopar has even created a unique logo for the Hellephant motor. The name pays homage to the original 426 HEMI engine, which was nicknamed the "elephant."

Purchasing this create motor also includes a powertrain control module (PCM), power distribution center, engine wiring harness, chassis harness, accelerator pedal, ground jumper, oxygen sensors, charge air temperature sensors, fuel pump control module and cam bus interface device.

FCA says the Hellephant crate engine will be available in the first quarter of 2019 and is designed to work with a stock T-6060 manual six-speed Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat transmission.