Dodge Unveils New Blacktop Editions

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The latest special edition from Dodge adds black trim and more to the Avenger, Charger and Challenger.

If you dig Dodge's muscular-looking line-up but don't dig the chrome look, the American automaker has just announced a series of Blacktop special editions that give the Avenger, Charger and Challenger a more sinister look. First up, the Challenger Blacktop edition starts with the R/T model and includes the Super Track Pak (with its upgraded steering rack, brakes, shocks, tires and three-mode stability system), plus black wheels, grille, fuel cap, headlight surrounds, spoiler and a graphite stripe down the body with red accents.

Buyers can order their Blacktop Challenger in black, silver or dark gray paint. The Charger R/T Blacktop edition, meanwhile, is available in black, white, red or grey. It has similar black trim to the Challenger version, and includes a spoiler, wheel-mounted paddle shifters, sport mode, 3.06 rear axle and Beats Audio system. Finally the Avenger SXT Blacktop packs 18" black alloys and black trim plus fog lights, power seats, automatic headlamps and more. Pricing runs from $595 for the Blacktop package on the Avenger, $1,796 on the Charger and $1,995 on the Challenger. Each is available to order from your Dodge dealer now.

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