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Dodge Updates the Viper GTS and TA 2.0 for 2015.5

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That sales slump appears to have been somewhat fixed.

There's finally some good news regarding the sales situation of the Dodge Viper. According to the latest company press release, Viper sales are up 26 percent year-to-date since the $15,000 price drop last September. Excluding destination and that gas guzzler tax, the MSRP starts at $84,995. And there's even been a few package updates for model year 2015.5. Opt for the track-ready and now updated Viper TA 2.0 and you'll be asked to fork over $101,995.

Fortunately, that will now include a high-performance aero package, competition rear spoiler and front lower dive planes for increased downforce and improved track handling. The top-end Viper GTS, starting at $107,995, now features standard Laguna leather seats, Alcantara headliner and a Harmon Kardon 18-speaker sound system. According to Dodge and SRT President and CEO, "the jump in Viper's September sales after we announced the new $84,995 starting price showed that the overall repositioning to competitively price Viper with the first 1992 model was on target. But that was just the start."

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