Dodge Upgrades Charger Pursuit

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All-wheel drive lends traction to the fastest, most fearsome police vehicle available to law enforcement.

Used to be that if an American police force needed new squad cars, there was really only once choice: the Ford Crown Victoria. Those days and those vehicles are long behind us now, as the Crown Vic is no longer in production, even after it was continued for years specifically for the purpose. These days law enforcement has a bigger field to choose from, the king of them all is the Dodge Charger Pursuit. Why do we say the Charger Pursuit is the king of all squad cars? Because it's the fastest. Now Dodge has upgraded the Pursuit with a new all-wheel-drive model.


Packing an active transfer case and front-axle disconnect system, the AWD Charger Pursuit will come in handy particularly for law enforcement in rural or snow-blanketed regions where traction can mean the difference between catching the perp or letting him escape. Couple that with the 370-horsepower 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and you've got one awesome crime-fighting machine. In fact, the Charger set the fastest lap time ever recorded at Grattan Raceway during the Vehicle Evaluation Test held by the Michigan State Police - the benchmark test for police cars. Its 1:33.70-second lap time is backed up by a 6-second 0-60 time.

A cylinder deactivation system saves fuel, but if the resulting 25 mpg highway rating isn't enough, officials can opt for the more frugal Pentastar V6 model with 3.6-liters of displacement and 292 horsepower for a 27mph highway rating and, most crucially for some regions, E-85 flex-fuel capability. Either way, the Charger Pursuit packs a performance-tuned suspension, self-leveling shocks, heavy-duty brakes, stabilizer bars front and rear, 18-inch steel wheels and a specially-calibrated stability management system along with heavy-duty front seats and a modular equipment system for easy installation of whatever a police officer could need in a squad car.

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