Dodge Viper GTS Redesigned For 2020

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As aggressive and classically proportioned as ever.

As automotive designs go, the Dodge Viper proved to have extraordinary staying power. From the moment the first-generation model arrived on the scene in 1991, to when the fifth-generation sports car exited the market after the 2017 model year, hardly anything changed, its classic, long-hood proportions holding remarkably steady.

Recently, designer Marouane Bembli - a.k.a. "The Sketch Monkey" - decided to try and update the 2001 Dodge Viper GTS for the modern era, documenting the sketch process on video from start to finish. But notably, out of respect for the Viper's design history, and the fact that the overall length and position of the cabin didn't change over the course of nearly three decades on the market, Bembli decided to leave the proportions alone completely.

The result is... Well, even Bembli himself admits that the rear bears a striking resemblance to the production 2017 Dodge Viper, with similar graphics and similarly sized and shaped tail lights. Along the sides, however, Bembli injected a bit more aggressiveness, with a hard, angular crease that runs back from the vents to the tail lights.

One of our favorite touches, as subtle as it may be, are the rocker panels, which are integrated into the front fenders to create one long, continuous backdrop for the side-exit exhaust pipes. On the 2001 Dodge Viper GTS, the car that served as the basis for this sketch, those rockers were separate pieces.

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Bembli's "2021" Dodge Viper sketch looks ready to roll off the assembly line tomorrow, and it has us wishing for the Viper's return. Unfortunately, Dodge doesn't currently appear to have a new Viper in the works, despite any rumors to the contrary. A report from 2018 maintained that the homegrown supercar would be reborn for 2021 with a familiar spaceframe structure, a manual transmission, and, for the first time, a V8 engine under the hood. But we've filed that one away under "Insufficient Proof".

What a shame.

2013-2017 Dodge Viper Front Three-Quarter Left Side View Dodge
2013-2017 Dodge Viper Rear Three-Quarter Right Side View Dodge
2013-2017 Dodge Viper Rear View Dodge

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