Dodge Viper Transforms Into $160,000 Limousine Supercar

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How much are you willing to pay to win your local Cars & Coffee?

There isn't much we can say about this car that you can't already see.

It's a 1996 Dodge Viper, but now it looks like a snake because of its serpentine length. Vipers of this era, or any period for that matter, are known for their spiky handling properties, which this limousine conversion surely amplifies.

Additionally, we'd love to know what kind of drivetrain loss is going on here and how much it has reduced the V10's original 415 horsepower. Or, you could find out for yourself by buying the car.

The owner wants a cool $160,000 for it, up $25,000 from the last time the Viper Limo was on sale in August last year.

Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace

Frankly, this strikes us as the most "Florida" way to spend $160K, and the conversion looks like something Joe Exotic would have been driven to prom in.

But that makes it the most exciting car on Facebook Marketplace right now. You can check out the listing below, which places the car somewhere near St. Louis.

The listing doesn't specify much else about the car. All the seller has to say is that the limo is "25-foot long and drives great." Apparently, a removable trailer hitch was fabricated, as if the clutch wasn't under enough stress, so you can tow "floats or whatever else you'd like."

We should note the vehicle doesn't come with a top, so you'll need to have one made if you intend to drive on a rainy day.

Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace

No note of mileage is made, but the last time we saw this car, mileage sat around the 6,000-mile mark.

We can't imagine someone was crazy enough to put miles on this thing, so it's a safe bet the custom job is still in good condition. We don't have any more info about the car, so you'll probably want to get a pre-purchase inspection if you're a prospective buyer.

That said, it's unclear how you'd even get the thing off the ground to inspect or service it. Then again, if you have to ask that, you probably can't spend $160K on a Dodge Viper limo. Bummer.

Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace Kerry Prater Stochl/Facebook Marketplace

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