Dodge Viper SRT Recall Is What Happens When Its Doors May Not Work

Not at all embarrassing.

When you buy a Dodge Viper SRT, you expect everything towork. Well, expectations and reality often don’t match up as proved by the recall Fiat ChryslerAutomobiles just issued for 2013 and 2014 models over a faultysealant. The sealant is located in the door handles and apparently doesn’t do enough toblock out moisture. This leads to the fuse shorting out and the dooropening at slow speeds. That’s a lot better than the last recall for airbagsbut still kind of scary.

The recall affects some 1,762 Vipers, with the lion’s shareof those residing in the US and Canada. Owners are being contacted by mail (wayto live in the future) and referred to Dodge dealerships for free maintenance tofix the issue.

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