Dodge Wants To Know How Much Would You Drop On A Hellcat With Plum Crazy Paint


The classic color is back for a limited time.

Dodge has just announced that its iconic "Plum Crazy" paint is making a return in 2016. The paint will be available for all Charger and Challenge trims. Yes, that means Plum Crazy Hellcats will soon roam the streets. The purple paint debuted back in 1970 and since then has been offered on and off over the years. In fact, both the Charger and Challenger had the paint on offer in 2014. That being said the color is limited; less than 2,000 total Challengers and Chargers got Plum Crazy paint in 2014.


Orders open in September for those who already have a Charger or Challenger on the books. Dealerships will start offering the paint to all customers in October with sales stopping at the end of the year. Hellcat Chargers and Challengers are tough to get a hold of as is, which makes us wonder just how much a Plum Crazy Hellcat will go for. Yes, production of Hellcats is increasing but this paint and the model itself are only offered in limited quantities. Buying one of these brutes is a smart investment, but buying one in Plum Crazy could make you look like a genius. (Also, we know Plum Crazy Hellcats aren't pictured here but did you really want us to talk about base models?)

Webb Bland, Phot Retouch: FPI Studios
Webb Bland, Phot Retouch: FPI Studios
Webb Bland, Phot Retouch: FPI Studios

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