Dodge Wants To Save Australian V8 Muscle After Ford And GM's Abandonment

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At least someone is stepping up to the plate.

If there was any other country where American muscle car enthusiasts could live that's not America, it'd probably be Australia. So what if they drive on the wrong side of the road Down Under; what's important is that Australians have loved RWD V8 muscle cars for decades. Heck, their GM division, Holden, was solely responsible for engineering the Zeta RWD platform, which underpinned the fifth-gen Camaro, Pontiac G8, and today's Chevrolet SS.


GM and Ford are shutting down their Australian divisions in favor of importing FWD small and mid-size cars and, of course, crossovers. What will all of those RWD V8 lovers do now? Migrate right on over to Dodge. According to a report from CarAdvice, the Charger and Challenger "are top priorities for a Dodge promotional assault, with more to follow." An FCA executive said that "Dodge is going to start moving away from the people-moving business and into performance; it'll become performance-oriented…in markets where it makes sense…and Australia is one of those markets." There's no launch timeline, but the Chrysler 300 just went on sale in Australia. Hopefully its Dodge counterparts arrive soon.

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