Dodge Will Try Stopping Dealers Put Insane Markups On The Demon

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Question is, will this actually work?

After a ton of build up with several teasers, we finally know everything we need to know about the Dodge Demon (expect the price). The Demon ended up being everything we wanted it to be, but it might suffer from the same problem that other special edition cars have been having recently. Dodge hasn't revealed any pricing for the Demon, but Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger cars at FCA North America told Motor Authority that pricing and dealer allocation will be announced in June. Although, we bet that the price will be marked up significantly.


Look at any limited run car that has come out in the past few years and one thing is constant, insane dealer markups. We have seen insane markups on cars like the BMW M4 GTS and Shelby GT350R, even the Dodge Hellcat when it first arrived at dealers. The Hellcat wasn't even that limited in production, but people were willing to pay above MSRP for the privilege of being the first person on their block with a Hellcat. Production of the Demon will be limited to 3,300 units in North America (300 for Canada and 3,000 for the US). With so few Demons to go around, we bet that Dodge dealerships will have a field day marking them up by as much as possible.

Tim Kuniskis admits that there is nothing that his team can do to stop dealers from marking up the Demon or car flippers from selling them immediately. However, it turns out that Dodge does have a plan that will make it harder for dealerships to get away with marking up the cars. Each Demon will come with a special plaque on the dashboard with the original owner's name. If they order the Demon crate, it will also have a special plaque. When asked if these plaques will be recreated for the second or third owners Kuniskis said "Tough shit." This means that anyone who buys a Demon used better buy it from someone who has the exact same name as them.

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This plan might not stop dealer markups completely, but it might make car flippers think twice about trying to take advantage of the Demon. Perhaps the Demon will be one of the first limited edition cars to come along in some time that will actually be purchased to be used for its intended purpose, not to sit in a garage forever.

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