Dodge's Final Last Call Model May Have A Top Speed Of 215 MPH

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And a new teaser suggests it'll have 1,582 somethings... horsepower, perhaps? Or something else?

Dodge's creepy leprechaun returned in yet another teaser video, hinting at what an owner needs to unlock the full power of what the American company calls its "ultimate vehicle." The highly-anticipated final Last Call model will debut on March 20, but before then, we'll get one last leprechaun video on March 14.

There is one clear hint in the video, right there in the name. The latest video Dodge posted is called Scream @ 215 mph, which is an apparent reference to the car's top speed. The famous Demon reached 211 mph, while the current production record belongs to the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody, topping out at 203 mph. The fifth-generation Viper topped out at 206 mph.

If the Leprechaun (this has not been confirmed but sounds cooler than unnamed) can hit 215 mph, it will officially be *pause for effect* the fastest Dodge ever made. It will also be one of the fastest American cars ever made, with only a handful of exotics being able to beat it.


The rest of the video is more challenging to figure out. According to Dodge's description, "the answer is blowing in the wind." Obviously, we started disseminating Bob Dylan's famous lyrics, but they didn't provide an answer. Bob doesn't have an answer unless Dodge is calling its final gas-powered muscle car the White Dove or Cannonball.

We have additional figures and one calculation to work with. The 105 is easy enough to figure out. To unlock the top speed, you need to be running 105 octane fuel. This comes as no surprise, as the first teaser already hinted at a higher-octane fuel to produce up to 909 horsepower.

In the readout on the digital anemometer (a device that reads wind speed), we also see a simple math equation; 3.02 x 2.98. Bring up your phone's calculator, and the answer will be 8.9996. If that's the quarter-mile time, the Leprechaun will destroy the famous and beloved Demon, which Dodge claimed could do a quarter-mile in 9.65 seconds.

Yes, we know it can do it faster, but for the purposes of this article, we're sticking to manufacturer-provided figures and figures we're just making up as we go along.


The final figure left us a bit stumped. It's 1,582, and the most obvious answer is that it refers to horsepower. The leprechaun is screaming into the anemometer, fueled by rage and 105 octane. If Dodge wanted to provide a horsepower figure, it would have found a less obvious way of putting it out there. It's the number one figure fans are waiting for.

We think it relates to the problems Dodge had while developing the car. It was due to be unveiled at SEMA last year, but Dodge put out a press release saying it wouldn't happen. We only later found out it was because the test mules kept blowing their engines to pieces.

A 6.2-liter V8 supercharged to within an inch of its life running on 105 octane must produce a lot of heat, so it needs sufficient airflow to cool the engine.


To cool the Demon's engine, Dodge put the largest functional hood scoop ever on the hood and replaced the driver-side inboard headlamp with an Air Catcher. We crunched the numbers back in the day and found that the Demon's engine swallows as much air per minute as 23 Volkswagen Golfs can house in their trunks. For the technically minded, that is a CFM (cubic feet per minute) figure of 1,150.

It would make sense that the Leprechaun's CFM is 1,582. Dodge likely removed both inboard headlamps to get the airflow that high, but we'll have to wait and see.

We still don't get the leprechaun, however. We've done a deep dive into Irish folklore three times now and discovered two interesting things. Leprechauns are a kind of fairy who love mischief and practical jokes. We don't see Dodge calling it The Fairy, so this must be a giant practical joke until we eventually find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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