Does A Ferrari Engine Sound Better In A Toyota?


That's a noise that makes us smile. Uncontrollably.

When pro drifter Ryan Tuerck let people know about the project car he was planning, just about every car fan wanted to know more. Actually the only people who didn't want to see more of the car would have been Ferrari's top brass. The Italians don't like people messing with their cars, but this isn't really one of their cars anymore so all they can do is sit back and watch - like us. We had a teaser of the build over the weekend, but now it appears the finished article is ready. And we're rather impressed.

While a tuned 86 can sound good, it will never sound as good as the GT4586 with its 570 hp / 398 lb-ft 4.5-liter V8 and nothing but open pipes.

The short clip shows the GT4586 in pretty much a 100 percent finished form, all that's missing is a hood, but nobody is complaining. We'll know a lot more about the car created by Tuerck, Gumout Performance Additives and Huddy MotorSport when they do a live reveal of the car from SEMA 2016. It doesn't really matter what other Toyota 86 models pop up at SEMA this year, we're almost certain that nothing else seen will compare to this insanity. We're just hoping that after the live reveal on the Gumout Facebook page that some proper images and videos of the car are released along with it.

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