Does A Flaming i3 Prove That The Eco BMW Isn’t Up For Police Duty?

The LAPD just bought 100 of them, but was that the right move?

The Italian police force isn’t the only one that uses the BMW i3 for official duty. The LAPD just bought 100 of the cars in an effort to green part of its fleet. Unfortunately, things may not turn out to be so easy for the eco police because one of the four i3s that patrol the streets of Rome has just caught fire and no one knows why. It’s unclear whether this i3 is a pure electric model or one equipped with a range-extending gasoline engine. But in either case if the i3 isn’t fit for duty then that’s something the LAPD should have known.

Watch as the police try their best to put out a flaming i3 that's on the right side of the law.

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