Does A Manual Gearbox And V12 Make This Custom Ferrari 412 Convertible A Steal?


The only issue is that it looks just a bit...yeah.

When it comes to weird, custom and one-off Ferrari 412s, well this one certainly isn't the strangest. No, that honor belongs to the one that was turned into a pickup truck. That being said the Pavesi Ventorosso, as this creation is called, is anything but typical. It was built by Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Pavesi and is currently up for sale. The one-off has a price tag of $137,000 and for that you get a 5.0-liter V12, a manual gearbox and an optional roof. That's the good news, anyway.

Aside from the roof being missing this car has a few other noticeable differences from the stock 412. For starters, the headlights are much larger and the pop-up headlights appear to be gone. There is also a bit of black Ferrari plastic striping in the back because the 1990s. While this car is certainly a bit of an odd bird it's not the craziest one-off Ferrari ever and honestly isn't that ugly. Yeah, the front end looks kind of like an early '90s Honda Prelude but it's got a V12 and a manual! That being said you could probably get a used Ferrari California for the same price.

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