Does Cadillac Think Europeans Are Lazy?

There's an upside to only taking two weeks off in August.

It doesn’t state so directly, but this latest commercial pushing the new Cadillac ELR heavily implies that Europeans can be, well, lazy. There’s always been this concept in the US that if you work hard enough and put in plenty of hours, you’ll be able to achieve the so-called American Dream. A big house. A few expensive cars. A big ass TV. It’s the American way. In Europe, however, it’s not uncommon for some to take August off entirely. A stop on the way home at a café is also a typical habit.

Sounds pretty good, actually. But is it as cool as landing men on the moon? Driving a car on the moon? Cadillac doesn’t seem to think so. Still, that new ELR is quite the looker, and that alone may be enough to get Europeans into Caddy showrooms – just as long as they aren't too offended by this commercial.

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