Does Chris Evans Hate Matt LeBlanc?

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We think this report is garbage.

It seems like not even a week can pass without some bad news from the set of the new "Top Gear." Let's see, so far we have new host Chris Evans getting sick during filming and threatening to quit as well. The latest controversy is being reported by UK tabloid The Sun and concerns American host Matt LeBlanc. Apparently he and Evans have a strained relationship, which an unnamed insider described to The Sun as "frosty." This frosting was said to be caused by the recent controversy at the Cenotpah.

The report says the relationship was crap before LeBlanc and Ken Block pissed off Londoners by drifting and doing donuts around the World War I memorial. But that was the last straw, with the insider claiming that Evans said the stunt ruined the show's brand. The snitch further says that Evans never wanted the former "Friends" star on "Top Gear" and that the move was forced upon him to help bring in the American audience. In addition to Evans hating LeBlanc it sounds like everyone hates him. The unnamed source further told The Sun that, "Chris has been a nightmare on set. His controlling nature has got people's backs up." LeBlanc responded to the report on Twitter, claiming the two were pals and poking fun at the story.

The British media seems to be dog piling on the new "Top Gear" and it's getting a bit tiresome. Yes, the show seems to have some issues but it's not easy rebooting such a popular program with an all new cast. There are bound to be growing pains and bumps along the way. We're rooting for Evans and company as there can never be too many good car shows on television (or Netflix and Amazon).

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