Does Left Foot Braking Help Set A Faster Lap Time?

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Maybe if you dream of being a rally driver.

We all like to imagine that just because we've spent some time bouncing around on Forza's off-road sections, we could basically be a pro rally driver. Unfortunately, driving on loose surfaces, especially snow, can be extremely difficult and dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. If you're one of the amazing drivers that has mastered car control on loose surfaces, then you may be interested in a technique called left foot braking. Basically, instead of accelerating and braking with your right foot, your left foot handles the brake and clutch.

Drivers in Forza do this all the time on their controllers without realizing it. When driving off-road, it actually helps to be able to roll off the brake and on to the throttle simultaneously to help gain more control over the vehicle. The Team O'Neil Rally School shows how left foot braking can help set a faster time in a rally race.

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The video shows how the driver was able to drive quicker when left foot braking, claiming this technique provides better control because you don't have to choose between throttle and brake at any one moment in time. We just want to remind everyone that this is an advanced driving technique, and it probably won't help if you try it on your family minivan in traffic.

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