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Does Lincoln Really Stand a Chance?

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Or should Ford just toss in the towel now?

The recently rebranded "Lincoln Motor Company" is not exactly in good shape these days. Compared to cross-town rival Cadillac, Lincoln is at least a decade behind in terms of branding, style and its overall image. Is Lincoln a Caddie or Buick rival? Is it good enough to snag sales away from even Lexus or Acura? Ford thinks so, but the current Lincoln lineup is a hard sell. With the exception of the upcoming MKC crossover (a heavily restyled Ford Escape), what's left of Lincoln's offerings are really nothing special.

True, the MKZ sedan does offer that nifty sliding glass roof, but is the $36,000 base price worth not getting a well-equipped Ford Fusion for thousands less? Unless you just have to have a Lincoln, it's a hard case to make. The MKZ was also the first Lincoln to feature the styling work of now former Cadillac chief designer Max Wolff whom Lincoln hired away, but the overall brand image is still hurting. In addition, many Fords, such as the Fusion Titanium, easily cost over $30k? So what's the point of buying a Lincoln in that case? Ford is still struggling with an answer.

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