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Does Obama Roll too Large?

The guy has a stockade longer than most parades.

A few weeks back, we were tipped off by a reader in Malaysia about a story that revolved around the Malaysian Prime Minister stating to the press that drivers should give way to VIPs and leaders as a sign of respect. Our first thought was the same as yours is probably right now, F him. Then we got to thinking about our own chief and quickly found that President Obama rolls with a motorcade of up to 45 cars. That seems absolutely unnecessary to us. Sure, he is arguably the most important guy in the world but really, 45 cars? That's like waiting for a train or parade to pass.

Perhaps it doesn't seem like a lot but check out Obama's motorcade in NYC. In the US, respect would have nothing to do with it, if you would get in their way, your ass would be getting cuffed and tossed into a black truck.

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