Does Scion Have The Most Boring Car Names In The World?

2015 New York Auto Show / Comments

Scion reveals more boring car names ahead of New York debuts.

With the New York Auto Show coming up soon, Scion has given us a bit of a preview of the two new models that will be debuting at the show. Well, it's actually just a teaser of one them, a new hatchback which is presumed to simply be a rebadged version of the European Toyota Auris, so we knew basically what it looked like anyway. Nonetheless, you can see the teaser below, and some pictures of the European car after that. What Scion has really announced, in great detail, is the names of the cars.

The Auris-based hatchback will called the iM and there will also be a sedan called the iA, following the mind-blowingly uncreative naming scheme of using model names that start with a lower case "i." Scion says that the "i" stands for "intriguing, individual" and the dubious "income"- as in it won't require much of one. The "M" is meant to stand for "modern" and "multi-faceted", while the "A" stands for "accommodating" and "aggressive"- as relating to the styling. Either that or this was all just a bunch of reverse-engineered marketing-speak, which frankly seems far more likely.


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