Does SRT Want a Subaru BRZ Fighter?

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Apparently, SRT fans are more eager for this to happen than SRT is.

We live in an era where social media and the like have a very profound impact on companies. People can easily organize and make their voices heard, and SRT is one automaker that listens. In a recent interview with AutoGuide, SRT CEO Ralph Gilles revealed that fans of the brand have been quite consistent in asking this question: "When are you going to have your own BRZ?" At the moment, obviously, SRT's sole model is the Viper, which is financially out of reach for mostly everyone.


But the BRZ, and its Scion FR-S twin, is a different story. So is there any chance of a new and affordable rear-wheel-drive SRT model in the near future? Gilles seemed definitely open to the idea, saying "it's exciting to think that way," but remained decidedly noncommittal. Instead, he referenced affordable SRT-badged cars of the past, such as the Neon and Caliber SRT4s. There was also mention of the old Chrysler Crossfire. Still, Gilles admitted that fans of the SRT4s "still care about what we're up to." Sadly, we don't see a BRZ fighter coming any time before an SRT4 version of the Dodge Dart arrives, a car which is already long overdue.

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